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Why doesn’t my ‘Infinity’ guttering look level?

It’s deliberately designed with the inside edge sitting slightly higher than the outside edge, so rather than having guttering that’s level front to back, there is a very slight tilt away from the wall to protect the wall against overflow in case of heavy rain

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A new ‘Upload a Drawing’ option added

It’s always been possible to email us drawings – either building plans from professional architects, or your ‘hand-drawn-on-the-back-of-an-envelop’ sketch. Now we’ve added the option to upload those drawings/sketches via the website, on a mobile or desktop

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On-site Storage Instructions for Metal Products

We stock huge quantities of metal rainwater systems, metal drainage solutions, metal roofline and aluminium architectural products – so that you can order when you need them and not have them taking up space on site. BUT if you do need to store our products onsite...

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How Zinc Changes Colour Over Time

Our Natural Zinc Rainwater system initially arrives a bright silver, the metal slowly, over time, turns into a darker shade similar to lead, making it a great choice for period properties, but also adds character to more contemporary buildings. You should not try to...

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How Copper Changes Colour over time

Our copper guttering arrives glowing with a distincitve warm red tone. Within a couple of years depending on the environment in which it is installed it will have dulled to an earthy tone. After something like 20years it may have reached the equally distinctive Verdigris textured green.

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8 Tips For How to Clean Metal Guttering

8 Tips For How to Clean Cast Iron Guttering, Aluminium Guttering, Steel Guttering, Copper Guttering, Zinc Guttering from Metal Guttering experts Rainclear Systems – the home of metal guttering

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What makes Infinity Galvanised Steel so long-lasting?

Galvanised Steel is a great product for gutters and downpipes with stylish looks that are long-lasting – the colour will not fade or crack. The Infinity Galvanised Steel roofline system comes with a ‘robust’ colour coating in a choice of 5 Colours, Plain Galvanised or Copper – all held in stock at Rainclear Systems for next day delivery.

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