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Cast Iron, Aluminium, Steel, Copper & Zinc Gutter and Downpipe Systems from Rainclear Systems

At Rainclear we're passionate about sustainable alternatives to plastic in construction. We only offer high quality products that give exceptional value for money. Our core focus is on metal rainwater, drainage and roofline systems, and offering unrivalled availability on ranges which we stock in cast iron, aluminium and galvanised steel, copper and zinc.

We believe that high quality products go hand in hand with exceptional service. Our clients include architects, self-builders, professional installers and DIY enthusiasts.

We understand the challenges involved in finding the right systems for your project so our knowledgeable customer service team are always on hand to help find exactly what you’re looking for by offering a free take-off service and flow calculations.

Latest blog posts

  • How many brackets will I need?
    We often get asked how many brackets will be needed per length of metal guttering. The answer depends on the metal guttering range that you have bought/are considering installing...
  • Back to School! Take another look and learn just how easy Steel is to install...
    We've created some great resources – illustrated guides and brief videos – to show you there’s really no excuse anymore to say that compare to plastic "Galvanised Steel is too difficult to install"...So take a look for yourself now!
  • Why you'd chose to use the Prefab Outlet rather than the wrap-around outlet
    Why the use the Prefab Outlet vs Wrap-around Outlet
    The prefabricated outlet was introduced to make things easier and swifter for DIY customers. Regular installers of Infinity Galvanised Steel (Copper and Zinc) systems were accustomed to cutting out a hole in the gutter length...
  • Send us a sketch of your ideal aluminium fascia profile
    Send us a sketch of your ideal aluminium fascia profile
    As Skyline Aluminium Fascia and Soffit are made to order, if you don’t see the exact profile you need or want online - just send us a sketch, and we can have it fabricated for you....


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