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Why pick metal for your rainwater, roofline and drainage projects?

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Comply with green eco targets

Only metal drainage systems
Satisfy ‘full lifecycle’
sustainability criteria
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Meet conservation requirements

Only cast Iron and cast aluminium can retain authentic heritage character of listed properties

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Avoid expensive cracks and leaks

Plastic’s high thermal expansion causes weak joints, leaks and expensive damp issues

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Minimise ongoing maintenance

Initial investment on your metal outlay means fewer repairs and maintenance
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Maximise lifetime cost efficiency

Whether it’s 1 project or 100, choosing metal helps avoid unexpected additional costs and protects long term budgets.

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Choose superior aesthetics

Pick from a range of stunning metal finishes and aesthetics that compliment all builds.

More on the benefits of metal rainwater, roofline and drainage systems

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Surrey Copper Renovation Case Study

This customer in Surrey made his purchase of 115mm half-round gutters with 80mm round downpipes in Copper on the website without any assistance.

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‘Drops’ are the number of downpipes illustrated on architects plans - to effectively divert rainfall away from the building into drains and water butts
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Galvanised steel does not crack or warp like plastic guttering. And although unlike either aluminium or plastic, steel itself is susceptible to rust, the galvanising process (the application of a protective zinc coating) means that galvanised steel guttering is rust-resistant for up to 15 years – and longer if looked after well throughout that time.

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Cannot recommend this company enough! Sharon was so helpful and knowledgeable and helped me through a mini dilemma. Excellent service, excellent company!

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Why choose Infinity Galvanised Steel (IGS) over PVC?




Material Cost*
15 years
Longevity (Warranty)
10 years
UV Resistance
Thermal Resistance

*Standard house type

Did you know?

Infinity Galvanised Steel won’t crack or fade, retaining its good looks year after year. Better still, just as easy to install as PVC. Place an order and most available colours will usually be with you 24 hours from order.

Latest News

How Copper Changes Colour over time

Our copper guttering arrives glowing with a distincitve warm red tone. Within a couple of years depending on the environment in which it is installed it will have dulled to an earthy tone. After something like 20years it may have reached the equally distinctive Verdigris textured green.

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Top Tips for Repairing Conservatory Guttering

Guttering is a key part of making sure your conservatory stays in good condition, channelling away rainwater to protect both its structure and foundations. Yet, despite its critical role, guttering is often overlooked until problems arise—leaks, blockages, and sagging...

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Is Cast Iron Guttering Better Than Plastic?

Making a decision about what kind of guttering you want to install on your home can be difficult, especially if you’re torn between two different types. It’s a common problem to be confused about the differences between plastic and metal gutters, as many homeowners...

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