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Apex Stock Cast Iron Gutters
Apex Stock Cast Iron Gutters
Cast Aluminium Gutters
Cast Aluminium Gutters
Foundry Cast Iron Gutters
Foundry Cast Iron Gutters
Modern Aluminium
Modern Aluminium
Galvanised Steel Gutters
Galvanised Steel Gutters
Copper & Zinc Gutters
Copper & Zinc Gutters

Metal Gutters & Guttering Supplies

Choosing the right metal gutters for your home is crucial for ensuring effective rainwater management and enhancing your property's curb appeal. Our extensive selection of guttering solutions caters to a wide range of preferences and architectural styles, guaranteeing that every homeowner finds the ideal fit for their property.

Comprehensive Guttering Solutions

Our collection of metal gutters encompasses a variety of materials and finishes to match any home's exterior. From the timeless elegance of traditional cast iron and cast aluminium to the sleek appeal of modern aluminium and the resilience of durable galvanised steel, we provide high-quality options for every type of property.

Traditional cast iron gutters, available in Half Round, Beaded Half Round, Victorian Ogee, and Moulded profiles, are complemented by cast collared Round and Square down pipes. Offered in primed or a high-quality pre-coated paint finish, these gutters bring a timeless charm and character to any home.

Cast aluminium gutters offer a traditional system in Half Round, Victorian Ogee, and Moulded profiles, along with collared Round and Square downpipes. Finished in premium quality powder coating and a wide, unmatched choice of colours, these gutters deliver a durable and visually appealing solution for managing rainwater, making them an excellent choice for those seeking reliable gutters.

For contemporary homes, our modern aluminium range features Half Round, Deep Half Round, Moulded, and Box gutter profiles, with Round and Square swaged, Flushjoint or Guardian downpipes. Finished in high-quality powder coating and a huge, unmatched range of colours, they provide a modern look for contemporary architectural designs, ensuring your gutter system is both effective and stylish.

Our stylish galvanised steel gutters, with a deeper Half Round or Box profile for enhanced flow capacity and contemporary swaged downpipes, offer a 15-20 year manufacturer's warranty. They’re available in zinc only galvanised steel and the new ZM, with a coating of zinc, aluminium and magnesium formula as well as seven other colours with a robust, 4-layer coating, these gutters combine functionality with modern aesthetics.

For an eco-friendly and low-maintenance choice, our copper and zinc gutter systems come in deep half round profiles with swaged downpipes. These materials develop a beautiful patina over time and have a life expectancy of 50-100+ years, making them a stylish and sustainable option for your gutters.

Stainless steel gutters, known for their rust-free and weather-resistant qualities, provide a distinctive finish that retains its shine for years. They are particularly resistant to runoff from bituminous materials and woods with high acidic content, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance in your gutter system.


Find Your Ideal Guttering Solution

Our comprehensive range of metal gutter systems ensures you can find the perfect match for your home, combining performance, durability, and style. Whether you're looking to maintain the character of a traditional property or add a modern touch to a contemporary build, our ranges provide the perfect solutions to ensure efficient water flow away from the fabric of the building. Find your perfect half round gutter, ogee guttering or other guttering materials and transform the outside of your home.


Example of half round cast iron gutters

Traditional Half Round, Beaded Half Round, Victorian Ogee and Moulded gutter profiles with Round and Square downpipes. Finished in primed or high quality pre-coated paint finish.


A traditional aluminium system in Half Round, Victorian Ogee, Moulded gutter profiles with heritage downpipes. Finished in premium quality powder coating.


A contemporary aluminium range in Half Round, Deep Half Round, Moulded and Box gutter profiles with complimentary swaged downpipes. Finished in high quality powder coating.


Gavanised Steel gutters

Stylish Galvanised Steel with a deeper Half Round profile for greater flow capacity; contemporary swaged downpipes; 15 year manufacturer's warranty; choose Galv or 5 other colours with a robust, 4 layer coating.


Copper and zinc Guttering

Stylish, low maintenance AND eco choice Copper and Zinc (pre-aged and natural) systems with deep half round gutters and swaged downpipes patina beautifully with age, and has a life expectancy of 50-100 + years.