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Cast Aluminuim and Iron Rainwater System with Free fixings and Free samples

Every Cast Aluminuim and Iron Rainwater System order placed in January 2024 will come with free fixings. We’ll calculate all the accessories required to fit and seal the system based on the size of your order and include them in the delivery at no charge.

Ornate Cast Aluminium Hopper, London
Ornate Cast Aluminium Hopper, London

Cast Aluminium

Heritage Cast Aluminium gutters and downpipes are a cost-effective alternative to Cast Iron being lighter and therefore easier to handle and fix, non-corrodible and durable with a life expectancy of 40 years and still 100% recyclable. The BBA approved in-house factory applied Polyester Powder Coated (PPC) Heritage Cast Aluminium gutters and downpipes in a choice of 26 standard colours are now consistently being delivered in 7 – 10 days.

Cast Aluminium is a modern, lighter-weight alternative to the traditional Cast Iron rainwater system if you want to give your property a traditional look or you live in a conservation area and your conservation officer will allow it.

We stock cast aluminium gutters, downpipes, and hoppers in ‘Textured Black’ for next day delivery. But why do we describe it as heritage ‘textured’?

The textured powder coating finish is designed to give the same consistent traditional ‘sand cast’ appearance of cast Iron. In fact, the Cast Aluminium Gutters and downpipe collars and shoes with ears are ‘cast’ and so do have the same ‘pitted’ surface that results from the molten metal cooling and setting in a sand mould. So why is there a ‘textured finish’ to the colour powder coating on Cast Aluminium? The reason it’s so popular to powder coat the gutters, hoppers and downpipes in a ‘textured’ finish is to keep a consistent finish because the downpipes are NOT cast but extruded. So, without the textured finish powder coating they are smooth appearance and so would not exactly match the cast items

Cast Aluminium Moulded Ogee Profile Guttering, Cardiff
Cast Aluminium Moulded Ogee Profile Guttering, Cardiff

The Cast Iron rainwater range does not require a textured finish as ALL the components are ‘cast’ using traditional patterns. Although Cast Iron will last over 100 years if sensibly maintained, that maintenance does include repainting regularly every 5 years and due to the weight, requires two people to install. Cast Aluminium, on the other hand, is lighter to handle and fix, and should last 40 years in rural/urban areas and 25 in marine or industrial environments. There are also considerably more standard colour choices with Aluminium.

80% of the aluminium rainwater systems already in use in the UK have been manufactured from recycled aluminium and all aluminium is infinitely recyclable at the end of its life.

Request more information, a phone call to discuss your project, and/or a sample length to help convince your conservation officer.


  • Installation is straight forward with a traditional silicone and bolted joint, typically installed on fascia brackets, rafter brackets or rise & fall brackets.
  • The traditional cast aluminium gutters come in 1.83m (6ft) lengths with pipe choices of 2m or 3m long making it an ideal alternative to cast iron.
  • It can be installed by a professional or an experienced DIYer.

Of course Aluminium guttering will never completely replace Cast Iron.

Cast Iron

Cast Iron gutters are often obligatory on our oldest buildings, and with good reason, it offers an unmistakable appearance and has proven to last up to one hundred years with sensible maintenance.  Cast iron is generally the more expensive system to purchase but it still represents great lifetime value when you factor in longevity.

“As well as its strength and efficiency, the wonderful thing about a modern cast iron system is that it’s now available in a pre-painted factory applied finish ready to install, which takes all the hassle and concerns away on onsite painting”


  • As this is a heavier system it really needs to be installed by two people and from scaffolding. A professional or a very competent DIYer with assistance would be able to install this system.
  • Rainclear’s range of bracketry caters for all the traditional and common installation practices which make it an ideal choice for historical renovation projects.
  • Cast iron lasts a very long time and therefore a great choice for the environment as it uses fewer natural resources over the lifetime of its installation.
  • It oxidises very slowly over time giving off iron ashes which are carbon based and good for the environment. These promote green growth on plants and increase planktonic life in the oceans, thus helping to combat global warming. Recent studies have shown that adding iron dust to the oceans could have a dramatic positive effect on their health, increasing the oxygen output of our seas and oceans and reducing greenhouse gasses.

Cast Iron is also 100% recyclable.

Request more information, a phone call to discuss your project, and/or a sample length to help replace your current cast iron system with a close modern match to retain the authentic character.

“Both cast iron and aluminium offer unrivalled versatility, if there are any specific design requirements for a restoration or a renovation project, Rainclear work closely with the UK’s most established and experienced foundries to match any feature – however ornate.”

Cutting Aluminium

We recommend a fine-toothed circular saw – as many teeth as possible to make the cut. Then deburr any rough edges with an Iron file or similar filing tool. Clean the area, and then use touch up paint on any exposed areas for aesthetics and protection.

Cutting or drilling into Cast Iron

A steel drill bit and persistent pressure for drilling, and a diamond cutting blade for an angle grinder for cutting. Also use touch up paint on any exposed areas.

Rainclear Systems is well known as an online retailer, and the UK’s leading distributor of metal guttering and downpipe products, so you might be surprised to discover there’s a team of experienced, knowledgeable personnel at the end of the phone too.

“We are much more than a conventional online stockist, we have a knowledgeable team that can help with product suitability, installation advice, flow calculations and take offs from architects’ drawings. 

When you phone Rainclear you get through to a helpful team that make the process of choosing and buying a metal rainwater system as easy as possible.  From standard stock items to the most bespoke one-off projects, we aim to provide the best possible service.

We understand the time pressures onsite and the need to get things right first time, dealing with manufactures can often be tricky so we pride ourselves on a fast efficient service that takes the hassle out of the process.

We deal with all types of clients from professional installers, general builders, main contractors, and homeowners.  We hold a good quantity of stock in Cast Iron and Aluminium, so we often have what customers want in stock, available for next day delivery.  If we don’t have it in stock, then we’ll make sure you get it as quickly as possible. We deal with bespoke requests daily and offer advice on tricky detailing.“

If you don’t find what you are looking for on the website or have questions, please call our friendly, knowledgeable team on 0800 644 44 26, email sales@rainclear.co.uk, or WhatsApp us https://wa.me/+447418310848 .

Request a quote, more information, a phone call to discuss your project, and/or a sample length of gutter and/or downpipe.

Or visit the website to browse and shop the ranges for yourself right now!

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